COCKTAILS & COUTURE: Part Deux Saturday September 28th 1-7pm at The Varick Room 54 Varick Street               RSVP at

AB: COCKTAILS & COUTURE is back for a return engagement. A shopping, beauty, and taste making extravaganza that brings together a group of some of New York’s freshest, talented, and unique designers, stylists, and yes even beauty experts and nail artists. Come join us Saturday September 28th from 1-7pm at The Varick Room at TriBeCa Cinemas where you’ll be apt to find designer and vintage virtuosity, clothing, shoes, and accessories that’ll get people stopping you in the streets, unique and stunning handcrafted jewelry and showpieces, and a team of nail artists and beauty experts ready to give you pop of color and a fresh fall look. With DJ Delaceiba spinning jams that’ll make you wanna dance to in your designer duds or maybe even swoon, but not before you try on a few things. And did I mention the cocktails? Dress; Drink; and get your brows or nails done! Its a #cocktailsandcouture day party!

COCKTAILS & COUTURE: A Designer and Vintage Style Event

Participating tastemakers include:

BUISandWHISTLES Designer & Vintage Clothing (instagram @buisandwhistles,

HechoenHarlem Jewelry (instagram @hechoenharlem)

SydandPiaNYC Jewelry (

Love And Wore Vintage Clothing & Accessories (instagram @kikiloveandwore,

Again Threads & Things Vintage(instagram @nisaaniaiye)

Aesthetician & Make Up Artist Moshoodat (instagram @Moshoodat)

Nail Artists Mimi, Shelley & Ashley (instagram @stilettobot, @shellbeezy, @nakedashnails)

Unisa Eurani original design by Anasa Greaves (

April Howard designs by April Howard (Twitter @ahowarddesigns

and more!

For more information and previews on participating designers go to or follow on instragram and twitter @buisandwhistles.



You can enjoy a little bowl of udon noodle soup at Koya, 49 Frith Street, Soho London

Big Sizes Available

You can enjoy a little bowl of udon noodle soup at Koya, 49 Frith Street, Soho London

AB: You may feel culturally nourished in London with all its history and the culture, and all of the well made, well meaning romantic comedy films. In areas like Leicester Square, Covent Garden, and Soho, all areas right next to each other, communities come crashing together like cymbals like the Gay neighborhood, Chinatown, the Theater district, and ravaging touristic consumers from all over the world in a melting pot of loud, crowded excess that might remind you of something like an English stew. Right in the middle of all this is an indistinct looking but charming little udon restaurant called, Koya that serves up a variety of tasty, flavorful udon dishes and soups for a reasonable English price. The catch is that they’re serving a clientele who would rather fit into a Thom Browne suit than engorge properly in a bowl of thick lovely noodles and sumptuous marrow filled soup and instead  give you child size bowls and small handful portions in which to begrudgingly enjoy, knowing full well that you’re gonna need some bangers and mash from the local pub afterwards. No wonder why all the dudes wear such little clothes. The portions wouldn’t satisfy the third world.

Who knew tanning could be so civilized.

Immigrants On A Plane

They better not be asleep on the job!

AB: For a variety of reasons of which I will not describe here, it is oft that I wonder, oft out loud if a dark cloud should be following me. And as I was making a culinary departure by  nibbling on a McNugget at the airport, awaiting my actual departure to England, I got word that a plane had crashed in San Francisco…As is the cultural wants of my people, call me superstitious and knock on anything I can get my hands on but I think i’ll go buy a bottle gin at Duty Free just to keep the nerves at bay on the plane. The good gin, because what better time than when you’re staring at the possible apocalypse in the face and there is no tax on the booze. And I hope to be composing and sharing on my travels to London and Paris in the coming days. Farewell!

Gloria! Gloria!: COCKTAILS & COUTURE, A Recap.

COCKTAILS & COUTURE: The Series, photo credits Jasmine Velez

And what a glorious weekend it was as the inaugural, COCKTAILS & COUTURE: A Designer and Vintage Style Event, went off with a bang bang and a bevy of lovely designers and taste makers and appreciative patrons congressed at The Varick Room at Tribeca Cinemas to carouse, imbibe, and shop; and not in that particular order. Drinks were tibbled, fashions were perused, modeled, and cherished, credit cards swiped, sartorial conversations had, cards and numbers exchanged, and even some nails were done. Gucci Style. Heeeyyyyy! It was a hot afternoon into evening in no less part due to COCKTAILS & COUTURE as a grand time was had by all. For everyone who came out, our deepest gratitude for having a good ass time and maybe even picking up a chic fashion item or two. And for those of you who didn’t show up, well…we’ll be back!

For More information on our next COCKTAILS & COUTURE event, or if you are interested in participating as a taste maker, drop me a line at

Y'all know the event was about fashions...

The COCKTAILS portion was also a lively gathering...

Miss Jane looking for those boyfriend short shorts.

Miss Jessica about to try on some Tadashi Shoji and Yves Saint Laurent, hence the expression of glee.

And you could even get your nails done up the artistic way, courtesy of

Mister T and Miss J act out in their designer purchases. Him: Vintage YSL Envelope Case; Her: Vintage Liz CLaiborne Jumpsuit.

Blackout Blues

After the storm, what I'm wearing: Vintage Burberry Trench Coat, Gitman Brothers Gray Button Down, LL Bean Navy Chinos, Uniqlo Socks, vintage Bally's Brogues

AB: I’ve been forced to take showers by candle light this week as the fallout from Hurricane Sandy continues to take a hold of New York. And though the image of glimmers of light revealing hot water dripping down my nude bodice gives me great satisfaction, like an after dark Cinemax Movie, its how we respond to adversity that counts. Having had to go back to work , I had to get dress accordingly for the autumn season, the lingering clouds, and the long lines. Hopefully all the power comes back on soon in the five boroughs and the surrounding areas.