Mini cupcakes from Sweet Bakery in Hoboken,


Mini Halloween themed cupcakes from Sweet Bakery in Hoboken,

AB: It was another event filled weekend in New York, rain snow or shine. I managed to get a delightful afternoon reprieve at a suburban Halloween brunch in Long Island hosted by Mistress Winnie Ng, where bagels were served in bat wings and booze was served with boos.

From Upper Left: Roasted Brussels, Deviled Eggs, Weenies, Spread, Fresh Berries, Cheese Platter, Pumpkin Spiced Bread, Hooch.

It was a smorgasborg spread; bagels and cream cheese; exotic fromage; roasted potatoes & brussel sprouts; pumpkin loaf and deviled eggs; cupcakes and cognac! Oh and of course the crowd favorites, pigs in a blanket! Halloween is a celebration for friends and family and no snow storm could keep me away. After all, if the Occupy Wall Streeters could stand the weather, so can I! Any excuse to do some eating & entertaining. I’m doing it for America! Have a sweet & safe Halloween, y’all!

Jaleo by Jose Andres, at The Cosmopolitan Hotel. Photo Contributions by Hyung Kim

Viva Las Buis!

I'm a dancer, not a stripper.

AB: Civilization did not begin in Las Vegas… ask the lame ass who I had to curse out on the streets of the strip for talking out the side of his mouth! But I made the  trek out there last week in pursuit of fortunes beyond my wildest imagination…My imagination was over active. Alas, at least I managed a few good eating moments.

I was lost in the desert...

Bouchon Restaurant at The Venetian Hotel: Thomas Keller’s classy cooking and delicious pastries pepped up me and my traveling companions’ second morning in Sin City. From Upper Left: Selection of fresh pastries, Sweet sticky bun, Potatoes Gratin, Steak Omelet with sausage & toast, Cheese Danish,   Croque Madame, Baked Eggs, Iced Latte, Finished plate, Bouchon Menu, Me going to town.

Jaleo at The Cosmopolitan Hotel: Reknowned chef, Jose Andres usually known for his theatrical, experimental flare for cooking, successfully creates lovely traditional Spanish Tapas at Jaleo. Though they do serve up patatas bravas as potato chips and I prefer the regular way. From Upper Left: Spinach with toasted pine nuts and raisins, patatas bravas chips, gazpacho, the menu, Spanish Cheese Selection, Cheeses with nuts and fruit and pan con tomate, A taste & bottle of Syrah, Spanish meat selection with serrano and Iberico ham, Gambas a la plancha, diners, flan (more like panna cotta) with orange gelato.

Jaleo by Jose Andres, at The Cosmopolitan Hotel. Photo Contributions by Hyung Kim

Taiwan Deli: Away from the smell of sex, gambling, cigarettes, cheap booze, and old people, there actually exists real life off the strip. Just ask Ely Ess who introduced me to the Chinatown area of Las Vegas and led me to the strip mall where Taiwan Deli serves up authentic Taiwanese cuisine. A departure from all the glitz and the ditz, Taiwan Deli served up some good eats before my departure back to New York. From upper left: Beef rolls, taiwan style pot stickers, Mini Bao dumplings, the dining room, Spicy Beef Noodle Soup, Stick Rice filled with dehydrated crispy pork, & green onion sesame pancake.

Taiwanese Treats off the strip.

Whatever happens in Vegas stays in Vegas… otherwise nothing else would be going on. But let’s face it, everyone know I went to Las Vegas to experience world cutlures.

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I Got Lost In Yonkers

We're going to Yonkers, y'all! Photos courtesy of Deb Lin

AB: I unexpectedly found myself in the little hamlet outside of New York known as Yonkers. And it wasn’t because I was shopping for a budget Thanksgiving at Stew Leonards! No no! In fact I was doing some fine American dining at Jame’s Beard recognized, Xaviar’s On The Hudson or… X2O…

Pea Agnolotti

Appetizer Specials

Teriyaki Grilled Octopus

Chop & Sausage

Heritage Pork Two Ways, Chop and Boudin with Creamy Polenta and Cherry Sauce

Theres a distinct Asian Inlfuence on the menu. Coconut Rice Cake side.

Alaskan King Salmon with Sweet Chili glaze and Ginger Yuzu Butter


Cowboy Ribeye for 2 with Cayenne Brown Sugar Crust

Sugar Dome...Classy!

Dessert: Green Tea Cream Brulee

In case you didn't believe me...

A good time was had by all!

Make Moments this weekend, y’all!


Vietnamese Melange

I Left My Empty Plate In San Francisco

AB: Petrushka Bazin and Nicholas Larsen are an inter-national couple from Harlem, USA and they sent me a short photo series of their eating journey in San Francisco which will kick off our EATING AMERICA, series. If you are having any domestic travels and would like to share with us your interesting eating experiences, please contact us at and send some photos and a brief description about what and where you ate and we will share some of your stories. 

Vietnamese Melange

From top left, Organic Claypot Chicken, Lychee Cotton Candy, Seafood & mixed Vegetable on Crispy Noodles, Cubed Filet Mignon with Lime Sauce at Slanted Door,

Pizza & Ice Cream

Sausage pizza with a fried egg at, Ragazza, Strawberry Balsamic cone and a scoop of Lavender & Basil ice creams at Bi Rite Creamery,

Still eating the next morning...

Omelette with bacon, black beans,home fries and English muffin & The Penny Cluse egg Sammy with bacon on sour dough at, Boogaloos,

Four more Courses

From top left, Grilled Asparagus with Romesco, Crispy Branzino, Scallops with Quino & Sweet Plaintains, Pork Chop at Pasion,

Friday Updates:

1) Come see us at BUI’S BONANZE: Designer VIntage Clothing Sale tomorrow (Saturday), at the Hester Street Flea Market. At Hester Street & Essex Street, 10am-6pm. You just might be our next Naomi Campbell, so long as you buy something.

2) Went to town at Barney’s Warehouse Sale. 60% off…me and the cashier were in agreement on my purchases. 

3) Zoe (245 Eldredge Street, off Houston) a new restaurant in the Lower East Side opened by chef/owner Zoe Feigenbaum opened last night and I had the opportunity to dine there. Something on it in the near future but all I can say about last night is, DATE SHAKE!

Enjoy The Weekend, Y’all!