In The Mood For…

My Life To Long

AB: I’ve been wanting to listen to Sophie B. Hawkins like when Brenda Walsh went to Paris…yeah the holiday season can be a troubling time for single people, (ahem). But suffering heartaches and feeling dumpy shouldn’t mean your look should suffer or be dumpy . Call it ennui and dress the part of a mysterious character in your own personal anecdote where the intensity of longing looks are only matched by the chicness of what you’re wearing. The keys to having as significant a look sartorially as you would emotionally? Find items that are make you feel comfortable and or luxurious  and find pieces that have some character or tell a story. The state of ennBui. Perhaps it will be a major motion picture adaptation.

The Look of ennBui... What I'm wearing: Vintage Pierre Cardin Letter cardigan, Martin Margiela silk slacks, Bally's woven oxfords with burgudy socks.

Sustenance at Peter Luger, 178 Broadway Williamsburg Brooklyn

It’s What’s For Dinner…

AB: I find myself wanting to quote lines or pictures from a Woody Allen movie, or a Spike Lee or Scorsese movie; some signature New York identifier that would have us all nodding in agreement like we understood, “yup that’s New York for ya!” But there are times when even I cannot utter a word to explain because the sentiment is somewhat inexpressible; or, it is, at least in the form of some unpalatable expression or curt gesture; the wandering stench of exhaughst that becomes nothing more than the air you breath.

Sustenance at Peter Luger, 178 Broadway Williamsburg Brooklyn. Photo credit Deb Lin

I recently left Peter Luger in Williamsburg feeling something like the above, after having finished a meal with a full belly and a nostalgic smirk from experiencing something that was altogether satisfying. These are not the kind experiences with a capital, ‘E’, the ones that people so often talk about to their friends like notches on some sort of belt. Though, in fact Peter Luger is the place where I had my first real, good martini… Experiences had at Luger are not about relaying empirical information and or stating unadulterated amateur opinions on digital forums. Instead you find yourself sharing stories about your experiences eating their, some stories mundane and insignificant and others exaggerated and tactlessly exhilarating. I was served that first great martini by a grumpy old bartender that looked like he was the soprano in a barbershop quartet. And when I wondered aloud if the drink was too strong, the grumpy old bartender accordingly replied as if in song, “What, you’re not gonna drink it?” The tone and blunt veracity of his response might usually call for a response of my own like, “What? Asshole!” Such a response was not needed though. It was as if I had put my finger up to gage the temperature or get some sense of the cosmic fibers in the air when it so unsubtly dawned on me; of course I was gonna drink the drink! This man had probably made as many martinis as days I had lived. And it is with the same unadorned simplicity, expertise, and unapologetic, gruff, charm that Peter Luger continues to meet expectations of eating well in New York. When you walk into this place, you submit to all of its customs, like you were at your own mothers dinner table. The dried aged steaks are elegantly flavorful and robust without being too salty which often occurs from the dry aging process and the sides that accompany the meat are just as soul satisfying; The bacon was like a steak unto itself. They also serve a really good burger for something like $10 but only before 3pm. I can’t seem to remember the last time I spent less than fifteen dollars for a burger in New York? The waiters will begrudgingly offer you menus, like, “Stupid! It’s a steakhouse”. If you notice, there are never enough menus to dole out to a room packed full of diners. So how do they compensate? Improvisation? They essentially order for you; “You wanna steak for 4, potatoes, creamed spinach”. And that’s it. That’s dinner. And whether you order dessert or not, they give you some chocolate gelt at the end of meal. South side Williamsburg, Happy Hannukah!

Gold Chocolate Standard

Shop Civilized!

Put The Peppa Spray, AWAY!

Shop Civilized!


TB: It’s Monday after Thanksgiving; back to the grind…and time to get them digital elbows ready for shopping for deals on Cyber Monday. For me, its a much better and more peaceful shopping experience than Black Friday. I’m just not a fan of being trampled and stampeded. I do enjoy quietly, “multi-tasking” at work while shopping for deals at the comfort of my desk. Here’s a couple of deals to take a little time to peruse through. Who knows, you might find a deal on pepper spray, too. Besides shopping at BUI’S BONANZE, its the only way to shop civilized.

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Check back for more sales throughout the day!

Bui Certified

Extra Jalopeno Margarita at Bell Book & Candle, 141 West 10th Street, West Village

The Algonquin & The Pilgrims

Extra Jalopeno Margarita at Bell Book & Candle, 141 West 10th Street, West Village

AB: Thanksgiving wasn’t the only holiday that was created way back when the Native Americans taught the Pilgrims how to eat. Unbeknownst to them, they also wound up creating the holiday that is, DRINKATHON: The Day Before Thanksgiving or The Best Drinking Day Of The Year (I’m excluding New Years because is so cliche, pffft!). Native New Yorkers return from their outposts around the country, trickling into the city through various modes of transportation and as there is little to do past curtly reacquainting themselves with their familial issues once they get there, and there’s nothing to watch on TV besides a Peanuts Thanksgiving & X-Factor, they go out to the bars to drink, drink, drink all in preparation to eat and be somewhat merry the next day. Its not just a New York thing though. People leave the city to visit their families all about the United States and the day before the big turkey day, they also drink to celebrate the holidays and the opportunity to  spend time with their families; or it might be to enhance the vision of the other returning hero(s) or heroine(s) sitting beside them at the bar. As they longingly looking into each others eyes, the prospect of spending the holiday break with a crazy Aunt, the nosy gay Uncle, your incestuous cousins, and the visiting exchange students that state their opinion on Middle Eastern politics decidedly too much, dawns on one or both of them and you’d just rather order another drink and continue to, perhaps reluctantly get distracted by someone or something else. So take time and go out to a bar; it can be a dive or it can be divine but just go out and order a drink; or two or three and be thankful.

Additionally, here’s a little ditty for those making the voyage back to their families and sweethearts.

Cut em up!

Mazda Miata; Afrika Bambattaa; Giada!

TB: I love eating biscotti. When making biscotti, I find myself putting on my best affected Italian accent, like Giada De Laurentis, and saying the word out loud; BEE-SCO-TEE; Biscotti! It means twice baked…A great biscotti is crunchy and full of home made warmth as well as little treats baked in like bite sized dried fruit and nuts. Eating biscotti should not damage your dental work and if and when you dunk it into your coffee or tea, it should gently crumble in your mouth, leaving you with the satisfaction of a cookie. Here I’m making it just in time for Thanksgiving.

A Holiday Log!

2 cups of flour
2 eggs
1 cup of sugar
1 stick of butter
1/4 teaspoon of salt
1 1/2 teaspoon of baking powder
1/2 cup Chopped hazelnuts/almonds/walnuts/pastachio (choose one)
1/2 cup Dried cranberry
1 teaspoon of orange zest

In a large bowl mix flour with the baking powder.
In a separate bowl, mix with an electric mixer cream the butter and sugar, then drop the eggs one at a time. Include the salt.
Now Pour the dry flour ingridient slowly into the wet butter mixture until well mixed. Pour the orange zest.
Pour the cranberry and nuts into the mixture.
Mixture is slightly wet but can be molded into a log with Floured hands on parchment paper.
Bake for 40 min and take out to cool for 15 min.
Cut each slice about 2-3 inches and bake it again for another 15 min or until lightly brown

Cut em up!

If you need to bake it longer, it’ll be more like a coffee treat;, less more like a cookie. You can eat them warm or save them in a cookie jar and have them for tea time. It’s easy and a great Thanksgiving dessert. Enjoy!

Bui Certified