Another Year…

What I am wearing: Christian Dior Fauna print sweater, John Varvatos matte slacks, John Varvatos calf skin shoes.

AB: I’ve been craving to go out and dance recently. And as our last post of 2011, its all about getting revved for the new year. See you in 2012! BUISandWHISTLES will be doing big things! Get dressed cute, have a nice dinner, sip champagne, find a good song or DJ, dance, and have a good New Year, y’all!

Warm Sa-kay!

Adieu to 2011?

AB: My favorite restaurant of the year? Well its a choice that has as much to  do with the great food as it has to do with the experiences had there; my own personal Elaines, if you will. All it takes is a little walk down a dark flight of stairs and at the lit landing, all these thoughts and impressions conjure to mind. From cell phones drunkenly and jokingly but  then seriously thrown across the table; to an unexpected orgy of a date with a hooker who had a bad weave  and her unlikely Johns; unexpectedly stumbling out of the joint after having settled a bill of such enormity that mine eyes had never witnessed before, (I usually go to the bathroom at that time) with a group from the Department of Education and boy can teachers get it in; from fits not properly quelled and lesbian love affairs discussed, broken down, and gone wrong; from early bird wanderings at 5:30pm when the restaurant opens to late night meanderings way past midnight when for some odd reason you find yourself off the main thoroughfares of Times Square in search of a snack or something to do; Sake Bar Hagi in the Theater District, has facilitated me with some of my most memorable eating and living in the year 2011.

The spread at Sake Bar Hagi, 152 West 49th Street, The Theater District

Things to eat? Try everything? The yellowtail collar is as perfectly portioned a piece of fish, grilled beautifully and full of a seasoned flavor as well as a natural saltiness that is just so much more than comforting. Also, the crispy bits like the soft shell crab, the fried squid legs, and the fried chicken gizzards remind you of eating artery clogging popcorn. The stir fried udon noodles are also a great pleasure, in particular of the kim chi variety, creamy and little bit spicy and sour from the cabbage. And of course there’s all the yakitori. I usually get Set B which consists of skewered pork belly, duck, and chicken meatballs and get an order of the meat on a stick, washiu gyu, or steak on a skewer. Wash down everything with healthy amounts of sake or beer and you too will have your own stories to recollect genuinely at social gatherings.

More Than Prudent Liasons

A Year End Recap of Our Favorite Things!

AB: While selling at the Hester Street Fair this past summer, I found myself craving a sustenance that would not only fill me up but also enliven my sartorial styling and salesmanship spirit. When lunch arrived, with a rectangular plastic white take out container, a beautiful aroma of curry and red and green peppers wafted about, mingling with my olfactory senses. A delectable order of Singapore noodles sat in my lap ready to be happily devoured. In short, I housed it. Sinapore noodles are stir fried rice noodles with a melange of onions, bean sprouts, fried egg, peppers, char siu pork, shrimp, and chicken and dusted with a magical curry that combines all the flavors into a savory symphony in the mouth and belly. It’s not only a summertime treat though; I’ve been finding myself craving and going out of my way to Wing Shoon Seafood Restaurant on the edge of where Chinatown meets the Lower East Side to get me a take out order for dinner or a sleep weekend after drink snack. Singapore noodles is definitely in the BUISandWHISTLES rotation of favorites.

Singapore Noodles at Wing Shoon Seafood Restaurant, 165 East Broadway, Lower East Side

Also in that rotation was my favorite clothing purchase of the year. Thank god for Barney’s warehouse sale where i bought this Paul Smith cardigan for something like 60% off. It is a staple purchase in my wardrobe but it also luxuriously comfortable, like a designer comforter. I aslo feel like the teacher who seduces and emotionally toys with the babysitter, Cat’s feelings, in the movie, Mystic Pizza. Just a thought…

I'm intensely satisfied with my purchase; What I'm wearing: Paul Smith Professor/Boyfriend Cardigan, Brook Brothers Madras Shirt, Marc Jacobs olive khakis

Rebel Without Menopause!

Beautiful Enoki mushrooms before they go in the hot pot!

AB: After a weekend of seafood hot pot, revelry and rolling about, BUISandWHISTLES returns this week to recap the holiday weekend and a year full of our favorite things.

Lobsters relaxing in and out of the pool.

Lobster & Pink Champagne Heeyyyy!

First up, what has become my favorite drink of the year; Lambrusco! Sparkling red wine from Italy that is is crisp and dry with rounded fruit flavors that have you feeling like you’re drinking a tingly fruit ambrosia of the Roman Gods. I’ve been drinking a a variety of Lambrusco called, La Luna, which you can find at the Alphabet City Wine Company in the East Village or at the Eataly Wine Store in the Flatiron district. Just because it tastes like juice, don’t chug; sip.

La Luna Lambrusco, sparkly, red, & delicious!