Summer Suit

Giving face and making moves! What i'm wearing: Gitman Brothers Tie Dye Linen Short Sleeve Button Down, Vintage Ralph Lauren Gold Button Blazer, LL Bean Chinos, Phillp Lim Tatami Birkenstocks, Phillip Lim Canvas Tote, Oliver Peoples Daddy B Sunglasses

AB: Summertime can be an awkward and difficult period for fashion. That is unless you wanna be naked! But where I can fit in some sartorial moments during the hot, muggy summer months, I do while still maintaining elements of the season; Light airy fabrics; skin exposing footwear; classic American sportswear and maritime themes; sun blocking shades; and a tote bag. Sometimes the weather isn’t the only hot thing in the summer. Ow! Tssssssssssss!

New Deli

Wedge yourself in the layers of pastrami at 2nd Avenue Deli, 162 East 33rd Street, Midtown

AB: It must’ve been the New Yorker inside me screaming for relief. I had pastrami on rye on the mind and there are few places to properly get yourself a pastrami sandwich. But tucked away in midtown east, you’ll find where the 2nd Avenue Deli relocated. No longer on the actual avenue but rather on 33rd street, 2nd Avenue Deli is still serving up the classic comforts of the provenance of the Jewish Delicatessen. The pastrami sandwich at 2nd Avenue Deli is a very suitable meal with layers upon layers of thinly sliced pastrami wedged between two slices of rye bread, a schmear of mustard and a bouquet of sauerkraut. One might call it delicately served but I would call it  devoured. You might even have room for the kasha varnishkas, the buckwheat and noodle dish that is one of those dishes that are just so plain and simple that they are just automatically soul quenching. It’s a recession out there so every little bit of comfort helps.

Sometimes, when you're in need eating food creating out of sufferage can be just what hits the spot.

The Two Tones of Thanh

While my legs brown, what I'm wearing: Marc Jacobs Two Tone Patent Leather Pumps.

TB: We were away for a week collecting our thoughts but we’re back. With summer soon upon us, I need to get working on my tan. While I endeavor to work on my coloring, I balance out my look with shoes that will bring some attention to itself and not my pale legs, like with these two tone patent leather Marc Jacobs pumps. The white part gets you feeling all summery while the black part gets you feeling not too pasty. Its like a mullet hairdo except its a shoe; cocktail party in the back, beach party in the front.


Daily Drink

Have a long drink of the The Long Drink at The Daily, 210 Elizabeth Street, Nolita

AB: I love me a lemonade drink. And what might be even better is an alcoholic lemonade drink. And what be even better is a fizzy, sparkling alcoholic lemonade drink. I recently had the pleasure of imbibing on such a combination of said wonderful elements at The Daily, the cocktail bar right next door and cousin to the restaurant, Public. The drink called, The Long, on the cocktail menu, is a refreshing concoction made up of gin, lime juice, champagne, muddled mint, and a little bit of ginger for your digestive health. Its served in a tall glass over ice and the appeal is all too easy. Careful now, you might find yourself taking very long sips of your Long drink, and hollering at a yuppie you didn’t mean to holler at…

Mouths Wide Shut

Clockwise From Top Left: Razor Clams with Serrano Ham, Buttery Peas, Scotch Egg, Lamb burger, Tempura Soft shell crab with tamarind broth, Hendricks Gimlet to finish. Go to town and prepare your heart medicine at The Breslin, 16 West 29th Street, inside the Ace Hotel, The Flatiron District.

AB: I’m not trying to fit into a bikini anytime soon so I occasionally take the liberty of dining out and eating meals that may not be friendly to the figure or the coronary report. The overall effect of such eating experiences is a fullness that borders on delirium and a palette that becomes all too familiar with the fried taste of lipids. It is not so much a technical experience when eating a rich meal, its more like one that overcomes you as if you were listening to Maxwell songs late one night. I had one of those meals at The Breslin at The Ace Hotel.  And for the better or the worse of it, I may have been overcome.

The fried pigs foot for two may have trampled my appetite... Photos courtesy of Deb Lin

The provenance of the food at The Breslin is English Pub inspired. And to a certain extent, what you eat almost prepares you for something like the blitz as it can feel like its the last substantial meal you may eat. There are casualties of war however. The soft shell crab tempura in a tamarind broth appetizer, though seasonably adequate tasting was particularly lonely on the plate as if it were a character from a Bloomsbury novel. Other figures on the menu were more effective though. The scotch egg, an egg covered in sausage, breaded and fried felt like fancy diner treat and the lamb burger which was cooked rare, juicy, and just lamby enough. The burger is served with fat cooked fries that are just scrumptious and are soothingly salty and best washed down with your sweetened cocktail of choice, mine being a very professionally made Hendrick’s gin gimlet. And there’s the pig’s foot for two that is breaded and fried and is the piece de resistance of numbing artery clogging ingestion. Thank goodness we ate in a booth which has a curtain that lines the perimeter and which you can draw to close if necessary when going to town or checking your private emails and charging your iphone with the connections provided at the table.