Lower East Asian Noodles

Pork & Shrimp Pad Thai @ Pok Pok Phat Thai 137 Rivington Street, LES

AB: I like my noodles stir fried, not congealed. And at Pok Pok, Phat Thai, they do a pretty good job of serving up their noodles that way. The petit store front whisks you off to some a clean a hip little shop  in the Lower East Side where the walls are lined with a variety of ironic yet alternative Thai records of which the tunes are playing on shuffle and the food offerrings are  a variety of street comforts of the Thai provenance, most notably, the pad thai. The noodles are presented unfussed and delightfully loose and stringy as opposed to in a big blobular mess that might find in less fashionable Pad Thai eateries. The noodles also are highlighted by  a variety of accoutrements that add up to something close to a symphony of flavors but perhaps plays more like  a quartet; Peanuts and limes; egg and green onion. There are no perks to being a wall flower when it comes to flavor however, and  the noodles can surely use a pumping up of the volume when it comes to seasoning and fish sauce elements. At Pok Pok,  they leaves the condiments like hot chili flakes and extra fish sauce on the side so you can do a do it yourself  pad thai.  But I  would prefer a bold and opinionated rendition of noodles myself. The real highlight of the noodles at, Pok Pok is their use of ground pork as not only unifying enhancement of the dish, but also as a well integrated flavor enhancer. The pork brings a rich, natural sweetness and depth that pairs well and naturally with the fish sauce, egg, and onion notes. Theres just something about a stir fried noodle that will bring me down to the Lower East Side; that and the power being back on. You can use the knife you taped to your skateboard to cut up the noodles and not each other.

Blackout Blues

After the storm, what I'm wearing: Vintage Burberry Trench Coat, Gitman Brothers Gray Button Down, LL Bean Navy Chinos, Uniqlo Socks, vintage Bally's Brogues

AB: I’ve been forced to take showers by candle light this week as the fallout from Hurricane Sandy continues to take a hold of New York. And though the image of glimmers of light revealing hot water dripping down my nude bodice gives me great satisfaction, like an after dark Cinemax Movie, its how we respond to adversity that counts. Having had to go back to work , I had to get dress accordingly for the autumn season, the lingering clouds, and the long lines. Hopefully all the power comes back on soon in the five boroughs and the surrounding areas.